Angie Kennedy is the Seattle-based artist behind the brand American Heavyweight. She uses photos and and personal mementos to create custom abstract paintings as a way to commemorate important people, places and life moments. 


‘Seattle Bridges from the Water’ on display at Queen Anne Frame,  is a series of mixed media collage paintings using photographs of some of Seattle’s most iconic architecture. We all move around the city on and around these bridges. This vantage point creates a unique perspective on what it means to live in a city surrounded by water. Using photos, graphic prints, acrylic and other collage materials, she created this series to reflect a familiar landscape within the context of a life in Seattle.


What we love most about Angie’s art is her ability to capture the mementos that mean so much to us, but are often tucked away in a box, she gives them new life, honoring the memory while bringing them into the present in a piece you can’t wait to hang on the wall.

– Kirsty, Owner of Queen Anne Frame 

Follow art @americanheavyweightart

Follow life @americanheavyweight

CONTACT: angie@americanheavyweight.com

Angie Kennedy, MSc 


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