What will my art look like?

Impossible to know! (j/k) I use your mementos to inform my work and have an aesthetic I trend towards. The examples I’ve provided all look slightly different, and yet, somehow the same. Yours will look something like these, but also, totally unique. Life is full of terrifying surprises. YOLO!

Can I get my mementos back?

nope. I actually use the items you send me in your art. Be prepared for them to be cut up, crumpled, painted, glued or partially destroyed. Maybe all of these! Do not send priceless pictures or artifacts. Digital images are welcomed.

Can you give me some examples of mementos or artifacts that work well?

photographs, ink on paper drawings, newspaper articles, pages from a favorite book, magazine pages, ticket stubs, children’s sketches, a note on paper and scraps of fabric or ribbon work the best. I have some examples on my Instagram of finished works that might give you some ideas. Digital images are welcomed.

What are the coolest things that other people have used?

A printout of your children’s growth curve alongside a drawing of their family is a great combination. Photos, maps and newspaper clippings from a road trip. Ticket stubs and photos from a big night out

What materials do you use?

I work on canvas panels that are ready to hang or frame. I use acrylic paints, gouache, tar gel, marker, ink and paper to create the collage along with your artifacts/ mementos.

How can I pay?

Paypal. I will send you a payment request. 

What happens if I change my mind?

Once you’ve placed an order, you have the right to change your mind on the size or dominant color scheme. Send me an email. However, if I have already started your piece, you’ll have to place a new order. No refunds, no exchanges.

What if I absolutely hate the final product?

Just like your roommates hideous college sweatshirt, maybe you’ll grow to love it. If not, that’s what guest bathrooms are for. If all else fails, no hard feelings if you decide to re-gift it. Unfortunately, due to the subjective nature of artwork, no refunds, no exchanges and no modifications will be made.

CONTACT: angie@americanheavyweight.com

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