Meet The Artist (that’s me!)

Friday Nov 9th

10a-12p & 5p-8p

Queen Anne Frame

1621 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle WA

As a matter of fact, it’s all I want to talk about. Having your art, something so personal, hanging in a storefront or gallery for all to see and admire and judge is terrifying! Unlike all of the science stuff I do which has a definitive right and wrong, art is so subjective. And the vulnerability – it’s almost too much to bear for this old gal! But what’s the whole point of it all, if you’re not going to be completely terrified of failure every once in a while?

I’ll have a few smaller paintings to admire and for purchase in addition to these:

“Seattle Bridges, from the water” series, available for purchase at Queen Anne Frame,

A little about the 3 paintings in the “Seattle Bridges, from the water” series:

Please come see me. (I wish there were a ‘begging’ font right now)

Neon Green series, available for purchase

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