I’m an artist and athlete, living and working in Seattle, WA. I work with mixed media + collage transforming YOUR mementos into a custom, one-of-a-kind painting to celebrate an event or person in your life. Surround yourself with beautiful, meaningful art.

Artist’s Bio:

Angie Kennedy is the Seattle-based artist behind the brand American Heavyweight. She uses mementos and artifacts to create custom paintings as a way to commemorate important people, places and life moments. Her professional training in the study of human movement informs her art with the push-pull balance of colors and shapes, reflective of the body’s perpetual balances and imbalances. Dynamic and energetic, her paintings remind us that art is one of the most personal aspects of our lives. Also, neon rules everything around her.

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WORKOUTS are my side piece: I’m also a personal trainer that will help rediscover your inner athlete. I have over 25 years experience in training, exercise science and advance sports medicine and health care research so my workouts are smart, fun and super effective. For a total body, conditioning style workout, email me

CONTACT: angie@americanheavyweight.com

I can jump super high — I bet you can too!

Angie Kennedy, MSc + ACE Certified Fitness Trainer


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