• WHERE: Sound Strength + Conditioning, 35th Ave & 55th St, NE Seattle
  • WHEN: Thursdays12P
  • WHAT: a 45min science-based, total body workout
  • COST: $15
  • WHAT ELSE: it’s fun and you can bring your cute baby!


Angie Kennedy, MSc + ACE Certified Fitness Trainer



I like to write about Science + Exercise + Humor

Sometimes it has been the science OF exercise, but mostly science AND exercise. It all started a few years back when I got my first degree in Gym. It wasn’t quite enough so I went back for a more advanced Gym degree. Two Gym degrees? Whaaaat?! The first is a Bachelor of Kinesiology and two years later I went on to study applied physiology for my Master of Science degree. Both degrees taught me a lot about exercise science and of course, gave me the opportunity to be a human test subject for my colleagues’ research projects. Ever had a muscle biopsy while trying to hit your lactic threshold? Don’t know what that means? I envy you.

My education was extremely hard and surprisingly, prepared me well for a career in health research and evidence-based training. Since that time, my jobs have been varied and varyingly satisfying. Coolest job was fitness testing NHL and NBA players. These athletes are powerhouses that blew my expectations for what results when you combine talent plus world class training.  My smartest and arguably most complicated job was in pediatric research in orthopedic surgery. I have measured twisted spines and torn ACLs, evaluated pain and function, and lived to write about it. Having trouble sleeping? I can send you a dozen or so scientific papers I have written that have been published in some pretty awesome medical journals.  My most exhausting job was as a university instructor teaching 3rd year Kinesiology and Nutrition courses. (Kids sure are smart these days.) I was a trainer for football, rugby and endurance athletes. For a couple summers, I even sold sneakers strictly for the premium discount.

I also like to run, jump and swim all around the cities in which I live. Triathlons, marathons, and most recently obstacle courses like the Tough Mudder, are my favorite types of events. As a result of my 20+ year history in sports and exercise teaching and training, I have probably thrown out more shoes than most people own in a lifetime. I’m also married to an orthopedic surgeon which means I have a built-in AMA when it comes to medicine and science.

My education, experience and training will give you an educated perspective on the exciting things happening in sport and science. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon’s sometime boyfriend The Beeper King:

“Don’t be a dummy, Dummy.” – Dennis, 30 Rock




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