You know, most normal people go to brunch for their birthdays.

While I do love a little bubbles ‘n’ brunch, boy oh boy did my birthday get celebrated with a <pow> ! I mean, in hindsight, I may have alienated a few friends that reluctantly joined me during this very hard workout but let’s move on to the part of the story where I punched a face!

Friends of mine opened a boxing gym, Emerald City Boxing, in Seattle. They are the affiliate gym for the UW Boxing program. They also offer tons of fitness boxing classes for regular chumps like me and you. This is where you can get boxer’s abs without having to make fist-to-face contact. win-win!

After a couple of rounds of intervals with weights, battle ropes, sprints and some heavy bag punching, the owner asked if anyone wanted to go a round with him in the ring. My arm shot up in the air! Ummm I do!

That’s me on the left and former competitive boxer and now gym owner Russell on the right. We went half a round. That’s one minute. I just about died it was so hard. Mainly because he literally floats like a butterfly and I resembled a geriatric robot that had been left out in the rain. There was lots of flailing and chasing. Not a lot of glamour. Here I look mediocre:

And here is about 40 seconds in when I was so tired I couldn’t even keep my guard up:

But my persistence paid off when, with 10 seconds on the clock, Russell said to me:

Do it. You’re running out of time. Hit me!

I didn’t want to at all because our kids went to kindergarten together and I’m pacifist and a Canadian and I’ve never punched anyone let alone in the face but then DING-DING-DING the bell rang so I went for it!


I can’t wait to go back.

Love always, Angie Balboa

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