The Riveter is like a clubhouse for grown ups that need to get stuff done but realize trying to do that in your jammers with Dawson’s Creek on loop probably isn’t working any more. This co-working space is perfect for freelancers or remote employees that want a desk in a professional space with nary a grey felt cubicle anywhere. (Yes, I just said nary. Not my finest writing I admit.) You should note that it is super duper NICE inside.

That’s the main “rotating desk” space. If you want a permanent reserved spot, there’s an equally beautiful area downstairs. Doesn’t this just make you want to be PRODUCTIVE at something! 

Even the lighting in the bathroom feels inspirational.

I first heard about this style of co-working space via The Wing, the NYC-based female only club. (note: The Wing is the subject of an investigation by the New York City Commission on Human Rights for possible discrimination violations because it only offers membership to women and those that identify as women.) What’s different, and I think better, about The Riveter, is that it’s female-forward not female only. Including all voices at the table, regardless of gender identity is more productive, mature and frankly, progressive. I like it! It puts women at the forefront but not at the expense of men or others.

When I went, mid-week, there were maybe 25 people working-working, not the kind of “working” I do. For example, for “work” today, I took a yoga class at The Riveter as an excuse to check out the space. But today I saw people on actual work calls! With other work-type people! Also, a woman I met during yoga class works for The Vitalogy Foundation. That’s Pearl Jam’s non-profit foundation. How Seattle was that?! And underscored the community and networking vibe of co-working places like this.

cool yoga/ meditation room but concrete floors were bad for my old lady joints. I’ll grab an extra mat next time!

Memberships available by the hour, day or month. If you’re interested in working in not-your-underwear, this might be worth checking out. Free day passes available to all feminists, regardless of gender identity, online. Tell them I sent you. This won’t get you anything, I just like to feel popular.


  1. This is great. I’ve been to places like this before and always ALWAYS leave feeling super motivated and refreshed. Such a good concept for us work-from-homers. Can’t wait to check it out!

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