So you’re headed home for the holidays? And you’re excited but also, like, worried you might maybe go insane? It’s cool to go back home and hang times with your crazy Aunt Mary but also, if you go 5 straight days watching football and eating your weight in puff pastry, you might maybe lose your cool and just SNAP! [Sidebar: I’d love to hear any stories you have of someone in your family totally losing it over Thanksgiving. K thanx.]

You need to promise yourself you’re going to pack your sneakers in your carry-on right NOW. That way, when you feel like flipping the coffee table after your Uncle Marshall asks you to help him understand how The Interwebs works, you just stand up, grab your sneakers and your phone and walk right out the door.

Once you’re outside, now what? I’ve got you, Fam. Here are 5 exercises that you can do at any playground. My Instagram @americanheavyweight has full videos so head over there for your own personal trainer.

Do each exercise for :45 or about 10 reps
REST 1 minute
Repeat 3 – 5 times depending on how hostile you’re feeling
1. Swing Pull-ups
2. Bench Step-ups
3. Push-ups
4. High-Knees
5. Side Plank

TRAINER TIP: When completing the Swing Pull-Ups, or rows or pulls of any kind, keep your neck long, your core rock solid and imagine trying to pull those shoulder blades down into your back pockets. Check out this chump right here. And yes, that’s a reflective headband. Safety first!

Special shout out to @whatjennwore and @thekirstyfiles for making the Brooks Running gear look hella good. I’m thankful I got to look at your gorgeous faces while shooting this special Home for the Holidays workout series. Head to their blogs for a slightly different better impression of our day.

Oh, and those Brooks Chaser bottoms I’m wearing? I’m legit going to wear them to thanksgiving dinner. They have pockets so technically they qualify as real pants AND they have an elastic waist. Who’s laughing now?

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