So you’ve been out of it for a while? And you want to get back into some semblance of a healthy fitness routine but you’re feeling, how you say, intimidated to walk back in the gym? What if you accidentally walk in front of someone and ruin their Instagram photo? What if you show up in the wrong clothes and didn’t realize people stopped wearing that exact print of leggings last week! What if someone films you and you end up on #fridayfails? (the ultimate disgrace forcing you to change your identity).

Well, follow these fail-safe tips and you’ll be well on your way to svelte-shaped status in no time!

TIP #1: Choose your outfit wisely. Just like you wouldn’t bring a banana to a machete fight, don’t wear something you can’t move in to the gym. T-shirt + leggings, long sleeve + track pants, one-piece leotard? Anything goes as long as you feel comfortable and can get the job done. I saw a dude walk in with a pair of jeans this week, throw down a few sets on the seated rowing machine, and walk out. I admire the dude’s confidence but this is not the time or place for Levi’s. Think stretchy, comfortable and breathable fabrics.

TIP #2: Start on the stationary bike. This is an excellent gym hack. Hop on a bike, make sure the seat is low enough so you can reach the pedals, set the resistance to zero and start spinning. Then you can case the joint without standing awkwardly in the corner tying and retying your shoelaces.

TIP #3: Look for the familiar. While casually spinning like a pro, see if you recognize anything familiar amidst the sea of cables and medieval torture devices. A good start would be some dumbells or one of the weight machines you used to do in college. Get off the bike, go to that spot, grab a light dumbbell and do some biceps curls or sit at the machine, set the resistance to low and start moving your body. Rest for a few seconds, repeat. Then go back to the bike and start spinning. Congratulations! You just completed your first set!

TIP #4: Slow Your Roll! My friend Ali casually refers to 1997 as 10 years ago. Is this you too? Yes? Then take the weight off, Son! We’ll never be as young as we are tonight, but also true is that you’ve never been as old as you are right now. Take the weight off and start back easy. You want to be fit and healthy in 5, 10 and 50 years so don’t start off like a rocket. Life is a marathon not a sprint yadda yadda.

TIP #5: Bring your water bottle. Not Gatorade. Water. Nothing screams weekend warrior like a giant bottle of Cool Blue. Water is the thing that’s legit again. Trust.

Now get after it. Call me if you run into trouble.



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