Everybody ok? What was the post-Thanksgiving body count? (Editor’s note: the only appropriate response to this is ZERO.) I’m feeling pretty lawless right now because my Thanksgiving holiday was chill. My Smother behaved herself, I had lumpless gravy and I managed to spend 52 consecutive hours indoors. Who’s with me? You survived and maybe you still like some of your family? What’s not to celebrate?

Not so fast, sporto. Before you get too smug in those stretchy pants, a friendly reminder that Holidays Round Dos are coming in hot (!!) which means you’ll be back in your childhood bedroom before you know it — eating, drinking and most definitely not sleeping. While your old twin mattress might not be as comfy as it once was, it IS just fine for a quick little workout spot. See what I did there? I turned a convo about Thanksgiving into an opportunity to suggest a workout. Smooth seque-ways are my jam.

Home for the Holidays Workout #2, this time with junior high school trophies to remind you that you peaked in 1987!

Special mention to @whatjennwore and @thekirstyfiles – they will talk about the Zella gear we’re wearing. You may recognize them as the playground workout victims. I’m pretty sure they’ve had enough of me.


Do 8-12 reps of each of the 5 exercises. That’s one Round. Complete 4-6 Rounds OR as many times as necessary to clear a bit of real estate in your stomach before dessert.*

  1. Squats (tip: keep those knees from collapsing toward each other)
  2. V-ups (tip: try to keep a neutral spine by keeping your ribcage from flaring out)
  3. Mountain Climbers (tip: wrists underneath your shoulders)
  4. Side Lunges (tip: don’t fall over like Kirsty does at the end)
  5. Triceps Dips (tip: keep your butt close to the edge of the bed/bench to protect your shoulders)


  • look at how much baclava and walnut cake is still left over at my house! It’s been 8 days! Smother strikes again.

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