Sometimes a text message comes in that sends your heart a-flutter. For some of you that may be a simple “I love you.”  For others, it may be “I’m taking you out for tacos.” What sends this Heavyweight’s heart soaring?

So many layers to unpack here. The fact that my friend can launch right into it, brings me joy. Don’t waste my time with the ol’ “hey, how’s the weather?” B.S. Let’s talk sneakers.

As some of you know, I have a partnership with Brooks. Of course I use the term “partnership” very generously. Rather, they make top notch running shoes and I hang around the store hoping someone drops a pair of 8s on the way to the stock room. Finders keepers, suckas! haha, I’m kidding! That’s stealing! We are all law-abiding citizens here.

In actual fact, Brooks regularly shares updates on their new gear during special Previews or Shoe Launches. Their lead designers and technical team members gather a group of writers, publicists, style influencers (and a chump like me) together to share their latest developments in the running shoe world. Here’s what an event looks like:

We will typically get a full kit (top, sports bra, jacket, tights, socks and yes shoes!) to wear for the event that we can test out however we would like. There isn’t even any expectation for us to post about their stuff, that’s how confident they are that we will love it when we try it. And I do really love their shoes for running. They don’t often adhere to my All Black Everything style aesthetic but what is life without suffering?

Sometimes you have to wait a minute to get a snack because this happens nonstop, but again, what is life without suffering:

The question on everyone’s mind is: How can I be the kind of chump that scores a new head-to-bunion Brooks kit? Well, you can start a blog where you blend your 25 years of fitness and science experience into informative and hilarious articles. Then, you can spend a few years networking and writing for less than no money and maybe someone will take pity notice and invite you to a shoe launch.

OR, you can just be my friend.  Because here’s how I responded to LB’s text message, in typical overkill fashion:

I let her borrow two of my favorite pairs to test drive. I know you can’t get back to work without finding out: what’s the verdict? She loved the Levitate shoes.

That’s probably because the Levitates use cutting edge technology based on 7 years of running research and launched the development of a brand new energy-return midsole material. (More info here)

Bring on the heart warming messages and maybe you, too, can take my sweaty sneakers for a test drive. The perks of being my friend are limitless.

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