Imagine you’re headed for a weekend away – fun, work, obligatory quarterly visit to the parentals, whatever – and you really REALLY don’t want to check a bag because even though it’s never happened, maybe this one time you get upgraded to First Class while being bumped to an earlier flight. It’s possible this is your lucky flight! You’re thinking of this when you’re packing and right away, you stop on that one pain in the ass item that you know you’ll need but hate packing because it takes up half your suitcase:

your sneakers.

Well, there’s a baller hotel in Seattle that’s about to solve the problem that you knew you had but couldn’t solve on your own.  What baller hotel specifically? Oh only the one where the iconic “fishing out the window” photo was captured of the band fishing into Elliot Bay. The Edgewater Hotel, located on Seattle’s waterfront, has partnered with Brooks Running to offer complimentary shoe rentals during their stay. Running shoe rentals! Genius, right?

Initially, I was like, weird. But then I thought of the possibilities. Imagine all the extra space this would leave in your suitcase for NEW sneaker purchases! (yes that’s plural) You can show up, rip around town in a couple different pairs of sneakers and then go off and buy all the new sneakers to bring home! Some people are into souvenir shot glasses, I have shoes from every city.

For more info, contact the Edgewater Hotel or contact me when you roll into Seattle. After you’ve requested one of the rooms where KISS or Led Zeppelin stayed (#rawk), I’ll meet you out for a rip around town in your rented shoes! It’ll be cool, I promise.

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