I was a little worried that this post might reveal me as the shallow, pretentious monster that I really am. I’m going for it anyway and figure I can hide behind the false comfort of internet anonymity!

How much stock do you put into how cool your workout clothes look? For example, when you are buying a new pair of trainers or a jacket, do you first decide on the technical features and then choose among the color or style? Or do you go the other way and hope that what you like also fits your needs? I’m guessing a little of column A and a little of column B. Unless you’re legit camping on a glacier or racing for a podium finish, you probably want your workout gear to at least look as good as you do. And you know you are looking fiiiiiine these days.

As you know, I’ll happily drop a pretty penny on gear, shoes especially, if it means they look as good as they feel. Finding the right pair of workout sneakers is tougher than a $2 steak, remember? It seems impossible to land a pair of sneakers that fit and look good AND keep your hard-earned cheddar in your pocket. That is until right now people! I was happily slapping hi-fives with the lead Footwear Designer (‘sup Nick!) Tuesday night at the launch of his brand new sneaker the Revel. I was most excited to see this shoe as he had told me about it 6 months ago!  I was stoked he created a comfy shoe that actually looks cool AND clocks in at a measly $100. In Canada we call that a hat-trick. And down here in America, I’m going to call it the best value on the running shoe market!

What greater feeling than a fresh-out-the-box pair of sneaks?

Full disclosure: I was gifted a pair of these at the Brooks Fall preview. Also full FULL disclosure: I have always loved Brooks sneakers for running but have been known to change into a cooler looking pair immediately post-run lest somebody see me.

What? Does this surprise you?! Why? Why does this still surprise you about me?

Let’s move on and talk about the shoe. I have done two HIIT workouts in them and most importantly, have worn them out in the real world where real people saw me. Like out to brunch. I wore these to a busy restaurant with real people I like at the table. For real! I like them so much I’ve already bought a pair for one of my best pals. And she loves them too:

Doesn’t it look like Kathy’s feet are smiling?

They are made with a knit upper, kind of like the Nike Flynits but not so freaking sloppy. (Yeah I said it.)

The Brooks Revel have the look and lightweight feel of a knit but with some actual structure to keep your feet tracking where you want. When I plant my foot, the stability is solid. My foot doesn’t slide around inside the shoe. I also like how cushioned they feel without the presence of a giant orthopedic sole on them. I can make fun of orthopedic shoes, my husband’s an orthopedic surgeon.

Close up cushion and knit weave


Brooks isn’t giving me commission on these shoes, even though they SHOULD. I’m just here to tell you what’s good for you. Also an excellent “tire pumping” shoe should you find yourself in this situation:

Yes I keep a tire pump in my trunk, just in case.

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