When two different friends message within days of each other and the texts both say:

favorite sports bra… GO!

I realized it was a big ol’ sign from the stars to weigh in. Sports bras are tricky, mainly because talking about breasts is tricky. Discussing breasts illicits all the feels. Let’s just agree that sports bras are important and get shopping.

How many different types of sports bras do you have? I have all the different types. ALL OF THEM. When your cup size is larger than a B, support is key. Unfortunately, support often comes with thick industrial straps and heavy, triple-layered fabrics. Translation: bulky, hot and way over constructed.

If you love the mono-boob look, then these basic Nike ones are the bras for you. I have sometimes worn two of these at the same time to keep any movement to a minimum. They really aren’t very good but for a while it was either a regular bra or these. Thankfully technology and innovation has moved up.  Did I mention about the awful mono-boob? Because you get a mono-boob. mono-boob, mono-boob, mono-boob…

Brooks recently gifted me their Fiona sports bra which has molded cups and adjustable straps. Really easy to adjust on the run since the closure is at the front of the bra so if your boobies need some snuggles, you can cinch that shoulder strap right up. Also, MAJOR props for selling bras all the way up to glorious 44DD. Big-breasted women work out too! Apparently this is shocking to everyone except big-breasted women.

No photo of me in the sports bra because the cups weren’t the right size, but look at how happy I am when I first laid eyes on it!

I also own every Lululemon bra created. The Ta-Ta Tamer is not horrible, albeit a bit bulky. Plus it kind of jacks my boobies all the way up to my double-chins. Fitness is not the time nor the place, people. Their Energy Bra is ok but not good for serious movement. Victoria’s Secret bras have the opposite problem for me, a little too much cleavage. Again, time and place, people!

About a year and a half ago, my best friend started working on a complete redesign of their sports bra. Everything they knew about sports bras was deconstructed and reworked. They challenged the bra from all angles – science, design, comfort, function and feel. They even put sensors on an athlete’s nipples and watched her run on a computer. Sensors on nipples, y’all! #SCIENCE

photo credit lululemon

You can imagine my DELIGHT when I was finally able to walk into my local Lululemon and try on her labour of love. I have to tell you guys, it’s a total game changer. Here are the 4 main reasons I think this bra is worth its $98 price tag:

  1. max support – I jumped up and down and not only did my breasts not really move, they also sort of felt like they were kind of naturally moving. doesn’t make sense does it? and yet, it does.
  2. separate booby compartments – molded cups so you don’t have to deal with those ridiculous removable chicken cutlet-style cups that end up getting folded into triangles after the wash. Or god forbid you mis-place one and then you end up with headlights in the middle of your workout. [shudder]
  3. no cleavage river of sweat – you know when you’re really giving ‘er and sweat is happening? say goodbye to sweaty cleavage because this bra has kind of a separate little highway that keeps it away from your skin!
  4. it’s THIN – despite the innovative construction, the garment is thin. It’s made of a brand new ultralight fabric so it’s strong but also crazy breathable. It feels tight but not constricting. The straps look cool under a tank but you don’t actually feel them on your body like in their Energy bra.

The only thing that about this bra is people are freaking out over the price. Let me ask you, how many pairs of running shoes do you have? Uh-huh. And you had no problem paying how much for them? Uh-huh.

I dare you to try it. Do it for your breasts. Your bazoomblies deserve the very best.


  1. Fantastic article! I’m also always in search of the next best sports bra – so major props for summing up #thestruggleisreal for all of us! Can’t wait to try this one out! deir

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