You may have seen this post-Easter IG photo:

This was neither surprising nor out of the ordinary. Everyone has their kryptonite: cheese, wine, candy or maybe chocolate chips pressed into spoonfuls of peanut butter? I’m just spitballing here. Mine is sugar. I eat an embarrassing amount for a grown woman. I figured because I had started finally eating vegetables that it was not that big a deal. I hardly drink much alcohol any more (lameo), I exercise every day, no cheese (on account of all the GAS) and to be honest, not too much meat. I figured since everything else was pretty good, a little sugar wasn’t so SO bad. Except I started thinking maybe it was?

On an average day, I would start my day with a few cups of coffee with a brown sugar (so delicious) and chase it with a bowl of vanilla almond cereal. Throughout the day, I would have 2-3 granola bars, a couple chocolate treats for no reason other than they were there on the counter in a cute little dish while I was setting the alarm, Hi-Chews as a reward for getting into and out of the car, and (no brainer) rounding out each day with chocolatey dessert. This was in addition to all the hidden sugar in my regular food. Did you know garlic salt has sugar in it? WTF???

I was probably eating 2x the amount of sugar I was supposed to be eating, ON A GOOD DAY. According to some experts, this was setting me up for a whole host of health issues. My friends are all doing Whole 30 but that’s not my jam. I knew it was dumb how much sugar I was eating. Also look at this zit! I’ve had it since the late 80s…

is sugar giving me zits?

I’m no nutrition expert so I started reading. Unfortunately a lot of experts are saying sugar is the root of all evil. I was surprised to hear this. I figured mining maybe? Or single use plastics are probably the root of all evil. But sugar? Freakonics has a great podcast on this. And an excellent article in the NY Times. Some more reading and I decided it was time for a science experiment. I went cold turkey on all my added sugar – just the dumb sugar I could see. I still ate fruit, on account of the fiber, but decided my peanut butter could only have “peanuts” listed as an ingredient. Here is how it’s been going so far:

DAY 1: this is so fun! What a novelty! Is my skin starting to clear up already? If not for that pesky little headache behind my right eye, I wouldn’t even notice a difference. I’m invincible!

DAY 2: headache has been joined by a general feeling of sluggishness and just a slight ever so subtle bit of crankiness that definitely nobody would notice at all. I mean, it’s minor.

DAY 3-5: I mean, this headache is just relentless. A lead headache complete with its own bass rhythm. Also, totally cranky pretty much every single second.

DAY 6: Have replaced all sugar calories with 10x the calories from nuts. And my coffee is tasting worse and worse. I blame my husband for ruining the coffee somehow and silently plan to shrink his favorite rowing t shirt as revenge.

DAY 7: a breakthrough! At last! I sleep better than I’ve slept in a long time and for the first time in years I’m not so hot I feel like I’m melting! This is amazing. I used to wake up so often because I was too hot, sometimes I would have to change my tshirt in the middle of the night I was so sweaty! I hope this isn’t a coincidence. Also, coffee still tastes like poop.

DAY 8-10: coffee tastes so bad that I don’t even make it through one cup in the morning. I guess that’s good that I’m drinking less coffee? But it’s killing my will to live. My mindless snacking has been reduced to zero. But so has any joy to my mornings.

This is my 10-day update. I would like to keep at this for a month but am seriously considering allowing one teaspoon of sugar to my morning black cocaine. It’s just so disgusting how do you people do it otherwise?! BLECH.

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  1. Are you drinking fresh ground coffee?
    I am one month sugar free! Took me a bit..but I now enjoy drinking my black dark roast coffee.
    The better the coffee, the better it tastes.

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