You’d think this realization would have come to me some time ago but nope! I still think I’m 20 years old.  A girlfriend recently told me I reminded her of Justin Bieber. At the time I took this as a compliment. In hindsight though… hmmm.

Last Friday night I was a plus-one to Militia Method, a group fitness event being held at an indoor skatepark here in Seattle. The promos didn’t give away much, just that it was a fitness event at night in a cool venue. Their website is a splash screen inviting you to “share your story. share your vibes.” Their instagram has 35 photos but nothing revealing what the Militia Method is. Based on one email and a quick convo with one of their PR people a few minutes before the event, the event promised “to create a community of positive energy through good fitness vibes.” Talk about being elusive! It’s no surprise that they had me hooked.

There were no signs for the event, just this symbol directing you to the alley entrance of the skatepark.

Skateparks are inherently cool places to hang. Yoga mats, weights and water for 120 people were laid out in a row facing the stage.

The place was packed and soon, the lights went off except for a few spotlights. They were purple.

A cool dude came on stage and attempted to lead the warm-up by teaching us how to pop & lock. It was really kind of a cool way to get us all out of our comfort zones and warming up without realizing it.

Then, Mat Koelsch, a crazy popular Flywheel instructor who came up with the entire Militia Method concept came on stage and led us through a workout that included some yoga, some boxing and some other high-intensity exercises. It was super dark and super hard to hear which probably affected the vibe, it was hard to really get into it when it felt as if we were a half step behind the action. It was a packed house full of people that were there to connect to their community through movement but it felt a little fragmented. Also the smoke machine before the burpees was probably one of those things that were better in theory but that’s just the old lady in me complaining.

I do love what this group is doing and think every new initiative can take some time to find its rhythm. I asked what their plans were, whether this was going to be a regular thing or whether there were plans to open a Militia Method studio? Nothing on the books for now but it might be worth a follow on IG: @militiamethod

Also we got some swag and based on the title of this post, are you at all surprised this was my favorite?

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