When do you listen to podcasts? In the car – obviously. Hit me with something more creative, will you? When you’re chopping vegetables? Getting a dental filling? Scrubbing the shower? Just kidding, showers don’t need cleaning, they get a soap rinse every single day. Duh. I listen to podcasts mainly when my anchors children are not loitering around me which is not often enough, amiright? Here are my 3 new favorites, and as a special gift to you, none of them have even a single fitness or squat related topic among them! (warning: NSFK)

When I want to feel more smarter: POD SAVE AMERICA

This is a no-bullshit political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. It’s funny, wildly intelligent political commentary. Each episode is about an hour but they typically cover 3 topics so very easy to break up into shorter segments if it only takes you 18 minutes to walk the dog.

Fun fact: I’m going to see a live podcast taping next week in Seattle. Yes, I bought a ticket to watch/listen to a podcast that will be available for free the following week. This is actually a thing and I’m not going to be embarrassed at the irony of this.

When I want to feel totally freaked the eff out: MY FAVORITE MURDER

The title gives it all away here – two totally hilarious hosts,  Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, take you on a murder adventure where they each share the story of some sociopath or serial killer. They swear so MUCH and yet, oddly articulate and well spoken. You feel as if you are listening in on a private convo so you can also scratch the voyeuristic itch you have. A good episode to start with is #61 because it was filmed live in Seattle. Filming podcasts live in front of an audience is a real thing, I told you. Check your anxiety at the door.

When I want to hear celebrities affirm their narcissism: HERE’S THE THING, with ALEC BALDWIN

Alec Baldwin interviews all his famous friends. He’s a surprisingly good interviewer because he can’t help but inject his own personal stories and impressions which makes for a funny, interesting glimpse into actors’ lives. A good episode to start with is the Jimmy Fallon one because it’s quite funny and there’s nothing better than when Alec Baldwin laughs. Non-sequitor, Team America totally ruined my ability to say his name properly: “Arek Bardwin” is how I will say it forevermore.

Ok, FINE. I listen to podcasts when I’m working out solo. I know I promised no fitness references but I. cannot. help. myself.

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