I’m in LA this weekend and stops #1, 2 and 3 were sneaker stores. I’ve loved sneakers for as long as I can remember. My 9th grade high tops were the first pair of Nike Air Force made exclusively for women and I still have my Nike Flight Lights from my Junior year. Why did I work at Foot Locker in the 90s, suffering in those hideous polyester uniforms? For the discount.  I don’t have a LOT of sneakers but I know what’s on my feet. 

Misunderstood by non sneaker heads as wasting money, a sneakerhead might kill you for stepping on their sneakers.

Whoa, a little extreme. Not, inaccurate per se…

Here I am waiting in line, like an asshole, to get into Supreme (supreeeeeeeeme!)

Supreme was a bust. So was adidas originals (I mean, I bought some new track pants but no sneakers). I did see this cute sign and get invited to a magazine launch party which I most certainly did not go to because it was too late and did that young man know how old I am?

I had a strong feeling about Flight Club – featured in the Netflix documentary Sneakerheadz. Even if you think collecting shoes is dumb, this is a rad doc on the subculture around shoe collecting. Watching it gave me that same feeling I have after watching an episode of Hoarders – I’m not as bad as some people. 

Sneakers I did not buy include these BAPE x adidas collabs because !!!

What’s Steve looking at? Oh just a pair of $5500 sneakers. Why so expensive, whyyyyyyyy?

I know you’re dying to know if I pulled the trigger on a pair of sneakers. I DID! Of course I did. We did NOT fly all the way to ‘ell-eh’ for me not to have a joyful little pulse-quickening shoe buying experience. And while I didn’t spend as much as the 13 year old next to me trying on a couple different pairs of Yeezys, I did punch outside my weight class for this pair. KITH x NAKED x ADIDAS (I realize this is a nonsensical jumbles of letters for all but a few of you readers):

So help me if any one of you dares tell me that their grandma could have knit me a pair of these I will cut you. 

Yours truly,

your very favorite SNEAKERHEAD 


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