Probably the #1 question I get asked every day is “Angie, how do you get to look soooooo GOOD?”

Scratch that, the #1 question is actually, “are those another new pair of sneakers?” then how do you look so good. For the longest time I figured this was merely a statement of fact so I shrugged it off with the miriad of other compliments I receive on the daily. It occurred to me that my leagues of readers might want to know the secret of my success. The answer is so COMPLICATED, involving multiple linked spreadsheets, planetary alignment and of course, tears of a virgin unicorn.

Let’s talk about energy bars instead. MUCH easier and actually useful information, right?

I think there are approximately eleventeen thousand different energy bars in existence. I have tried them all and all of them are basically dead to me. Enter Health Warrior. I tried one from a friend and then proceeded to buy them by the box (available at Whole Foods, PCC and for non-Seattle peeps, Amazon).

They’re made with a chia seed base, so if you love having shit stuck in your teeth, these are the bars for you! Another good joke to insert here would be, if you’ve ever wished you could grow a chia pet in your stomach, these bars might just be the answer! They are dairy-free and low in sugar which is the main things I like. I already eat enough sugar and dairy makes me gassy – their absence is clutch for me.

Still with me? Good. The standard bar is actually pretty filling if you pound a glass of water with them. Those little chia seeds expand in your guts. Also in the line is a crunchier, higher protein bar. Also with delightful little chia seeds, the gifts that keep on giving. Very delicious.

Their flavours taste like what they are supposed to – the coconut is not overpowering or fake, the mango isn’t too sweet, chocolate isn’t bitter or waxy. Subtle but tasty!

One of these is what I usually eat after one of my harder workouts that last longer than 45min. And if I’m slammed for time, I will combo a bar with some real food to keep the hanger under wraps:

If you see me out in the real world, tell me I’m pretty. Also, you can ask me for one to try as I usually have them stashed in my pockets. Bonus for YOU is that the bar will probably be slightly warm. AWESOME.

[note: if by some miracle, this post gets me some free bars, I vow to gift them all to youuuuu, my loyal fanzzzzzzzz!!!!]

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