Whether she likes it or not, my new pal is getting featured today! Let’s call her Shmatie so everyone doesn’t guess her Secret Identity. I met Shmatie about a month ago when she calmly walked into my studio and I proceeded to shout “Welcome!” and wake her sleeping baby. (Sorry Max.) She has been coming to my fitness classes twice a week and attacking each workout. Everyone loves a little ‘before and after story’ so here’s one that I can really get behind.

I introduced this exercise called the Ring Row of Fire, which freaked everyone out a little. Shmatie had never done this before and in addition to Death Rolls and Blastoff PushUps, it was yet another exercise I added to our workouts based solely on the name. (Only partially kidding, btw). She took a deep breath, ready for yet another muscle quivering cherry on the lactic acid cake. 

Here is what Shmatie looked like on her first attempt at the Ring Row of Fire: 

check out that strong core and neutral spine, two of the most important parts of this exercise. See her right hand though? How it’s rotated inwards a little? I know what you’re thinking: Big deal, Angie you’re such a nit picker. Leave Shmatie alone, Jerk. 

Well, the big deal is that this little right arm rotation is like an eyebrow twitch poker tell. It’s showing me that Shmatie had a little bit of side to side difference in strength and mobility. Left side = rock solid. Right side = doing a little dance. We all have some side to side differences and sometimes they are hiding behind the scenes until an injury rears its gnarly face. So I took this little poker tell of Shmatie’s and snuck a few exercises into our workouts to build up the forearm, shoulder and back strength. Well, you can imagine my delight when this is what Shmatie’s Ring Row of Fire looked like just a few short hours ago! I mean, this is the kind of progress I can get behind! 

Transformative Before and Afters aren’t just for Proactive ads and Hair-in-can commercials, amiright? 


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