New Year resolutions are weird, I get it, but I like weird things. I also like lists and crushing goalzzzzz. Last year I had 3 things on my list and I can smugly report that vegetables got eaten every single day (by ME!) and I completed one horribly ugly yet technically correct pistol squat: ​

What do you mean what was the third one? Isn’t there something else you should be doing besides paying attention? FINE. MY #1 resolution that has been at the top of my list since 2002 is “to be a kinder, gentler Angie.”  Every single year I wish I could be better and more patient. Life is full of opportunities for growth and improvement and sometimes, despite your best intentions, you eff it all up. Look at what a dum-dum I am pushing on the pull door, like a genius. I didn’t let that hold me back from achieving my goal of getting a donut:

But guess what, guys? This isn’t a Disney story! There is no one single chance at fulfilling your dreams! Sometimes you shit the bed and sometimes you knock it out of the park. Here’s what I KNOW to be TRUE – every single day is a chance to try again.

So let’s make our lists shall we?

  1. Be a kinder, gentler Angie. Last year started out strong and while there were some amazing things that happened, the loss of loved ones plus some others receiving horrible cancer diagnoses left me feeling cranky and acting mean. Check out my disappearing smile in these mirror selfies taken a few months apart. Sad right?!?
  2. See more of the art things. The only art exhibit I saw in 2016 was my trip to Salvation Mountain. Good thing I got one under my belt already this year! Ima go ahead just check this one off the list rn

3. Stretch a little every day. This one is like flossing – it’s sucks but eventually pays off. 

What am I missing?! Tell me, what made the cut this year for you? 

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