Are we going to get real deep with all the feels and the energies tonight? Is luck something you make? Something that happens to you? My friend Kev is adamant the only luck you have is your health, everything else is perspective. How can you argue with a cancer survivor? You can’t. Their word is LAW. So last week, when I tore my meniscus during a workout, I felt lucky it was during a workout as opposed to something ridiculous like, oh I don’t know, standing in line for a donut. Could you imagine how brand damaging the retelling of that story would be?! <shudder>

But seriously, after a few hours of whyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeee, I regrouped and I thought how lucky it was to be a relatively minor injury and not something much worse. How’s THAT for reframing, huh? 

Truthfully, it’s easy to have a positive perspective when I have loved ones that are struggling with their health something fierce right now. But let’s keep this light, shall we and instead, check in with my friend Lainey who, with the help of her ma, puts together an annual horoscopes guide based on your Chinese Astrological sign. Luck is something that can be predicted? I’m interested, tell me more. 

The Chinese believe in the principles of feng shui. Feng shui is energy flow, it’s how we balance the ever-changing energy fluctuations around us to create harmony. In Chinese astrology, the way feng shui works is that it’s how we handle our low luck times that can really affect our high luck times. If you can manage well during your low luck periods, you can increase the surge when you move into your high luck period, either next year or in the years to come.

I was born in the Year of the Dragon. I am a fire-breathing monster that can fly. Those of you that are surprised, raise your hands. Hmmm… I see zero hands raised.

This year’s horoscope reminds me to: 

Take good care of your body. You’ll never be able to fully enjoy anything if your body isn’t with you. 

Well isn’t that a coinkidink? Some might say it was lucky that today’s blog post tied in so well to my Chinese Horoscope for the year!  Find your horoscopes guide here. 

Take home messages: be thankful, take care of your body which includes your mental health body part and move a little every day. 

All the feels for a Friday NIGHT!!!!!!

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