I’ve written about this style of exercise before but this was my first time at Studio 45, the newest torture chamber in Seattle’s University District. What got me in the door? The studio looks cool from the outside. Black and white minimalism with disco balls decor. Also, I’m an impatient person and want max results in the shortest time possible. Lagree Fitness is a 45 minute workout that hits every major muscle group and leaves you feeling SO TIRED but oddly, not that sweaty. It’s positively relaxing. Just kidding this is a staged photo.

The machine you work on is made up of two stable platforms at each end and a moving platform (carriage) in the middle. The carriage is the torture component. Imagine doing a lunge which is hard by all accounts. But then, you put one foot on a sliding platform that also has resistance to it. So you’re trying to do a lunge, but one leg is fighting resistance and your entire core from ribcage to butt is en FUEGO trying to keep your body upright and in good alignment. In this photo, my right foot is fighting against the carriage. I know I make it look easy but it’s because I have an advanced Gym Degree. Don’t let this make you feel bad about yourself, k guys?

If you’re a beginner, you set the resistance to low and can increase as you get more experienced. Love this. Love that you can never truly conquer this machine. (note: a sarcastic font would be super useful right now)

Here I am in plank pose. By all accounts a horribly difficult exercise. Add instability and resistance and I’m talking SHAKES. There is no video because image preservation people!

The beauty is you spend only 1-2 minutes on each exercise and then you’re done. You don’t see it again for the rest of the workout. Super quick transitions between exercises – I’m talking less than a millisecond – means no down time so you really are working the entire time. Efficiency of movement is makes my life.

Here’s why I think Studio 45 is the best of the Lagree Studios in Seattle: safety! When you’re trying something new, hard and with this much instability, you have to have someone watching you that is going to make sure you don’t jack your back. The instructors here have safety as their #1 priority, always walking around and watching, and giving alternate adjustments to those of us that really couldn’t do some of the exercises. ok all. I tapped out of all the exercises. I am a mere mortal woman! This is why I think even if you’re a straight up beginner, you can do Lagree at Studio 45.

Look at my sweet friend who was here on holiday and got dragged to a workout in lieu of a sleep in. Sorry pal? I love you?

The only downside? It’s not the cheapest workout you’ll find. Is it good value though? YES. I would say the workout is comparable to having a 1:1 personal training session at half the price. Studio 45 is doing a once-a-year deal – if you prepay for the year, you get 30% off which makes it much more attainable. Also, I did some math and if you attend class 3x a week, each class is only $15. HOT DEALZ!

Honestly, you’d think I never wear anything but these pants.

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