I’ve been writing at American Heavyweight for well over a year now and you’d think with the hilarity and GENIUS with which I write, that companies are falling all over themselves to give me their free shit. Well, that’s not entirely true… in fact, it’s the opposite! I pay for all this shit myself! Well well well, that’s all changing suckers because feast your eyes on the Brooks LSD running jacket. I got this bad boy tucked inside my bag at the Brooks Fall Preview Event. And boy am I glad it’s finally sweaterweather and I can prance around town in my free swag. This is my rendition of prancing:

You know that fake disclaimer other bloggers make about “all opinions are completely my own” even though they were just gifted a baller $160 jacket just for showing up at a fashion show? And then they proceed to write a glowing review of this free product? Well that’s not me! If your free gear or fitness class makes me itchy, Ima tell the world! Hmmm… Maybe that’s why I don’t get as much free shit as the other bloggers…

So let’s get to it shall we? This jacket is a lightweight, windproof insulated jacket with a full zipper and two zippered pockets. It has a spot for your phone inside one pocket but the pocket is too small for my giant shoe-phone. Regular sized phones or iPods will fit. 

It has the cool thumb holes in the sleeves, a pretty small hood and packed up into one pocket pretty easily. 

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet run in this jacket due to my inability to run without a fiery inferno originating from my Achilles so I don’t know how sweaty it feels. I have been wearing it all day and it has the cozy feel of a sweatshirt but the functionality of a jacket. I wore it during my PT appointment and got 3 unsolicited compliments which makes my life. I like that it’s not a full-on crinkly noisy windbreaker and not a full-on stretch clingy jersey. Hmmm… this is sounding like a positive review after all! Oh nooooo I’m losing my edge!!! Let’s change the subject. Here’s an awkward attempt at a fashion/fitness pose where I pretend I don’t know you’re taking my picture. Look at how natural I am. Don’t be jealous. 

If you want more photos, check out the Brooks Running website. For reference, I’m 5’3″ and weigh 135lbs and I’m wearing a size Small. I would have loved to try an XS but when someone finally gives you free swag you shut the hell up and write something nice. 

Run Happy, pals! 

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