Just like Thursday has become Little Friday and olive green is the new black, Labor Day is really just a sunnier, second New Year’s Eve. It’s the figurative end of summer. I’ve always likened back to school as the start of a new year. Judging by the number of suffering faces in the gym this week, it looks like more than a few of us handled summer like it was our JOB. Biceps looking strong from all those high reps of bringing drinks to your face? Had trouble finding your running shoes come Tuesday morning? Time to put down the ‘summer water’ and drink some actual water. Not the kind distilled from fruits or vegetables, but the plain old water that is meant to hydrate. Do as I say, not as I do:

So with this New Year of sorts, it’s a good time to reflect and reset. What were the goals you set for yourself 8 months ago? How are you doing? Train come off the tracks? What happened? The sun get in your eyes?


Let’s check in with my #1 VIP who set out some ambitious health and fitness goals. Sometimes, life gets in the way of living and that’s ok. Steveo has been rowing consistently and while he hasn’t reached some of the milestones he had hoped, he’s discovered that hitting the water every week has been tremendous for his mental health and he’s gained some noticeable fitness and strength.

As for me? My vegetable game is STRONG. I eat them every day. Sometimes that’s all I eat buuuuuut that’s about it. Am I a kinder, gentler Angie? Uhhh, not really. Can I do a pistol squat? Ummmm, sort of?

Don’t despair, dummies! There are still 4 more months to knock out those 2016 GOALZ.

Who’s with me? Anybody? ANYBODY?

My sister’s with me, so that’s one…

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