Let’s be super basic for a minute, yeah? We have been talking about all sorts of heavy topics – bacterial superhighways, runner’s trots, and whether boxing can be your path to enlightenment. So let’s cleanse the palate, so to speak, by having a look at some of the essentials in my gym bag. The actual gym bag has seen better days – entire water bottles have been dumped inside – but it’s a good size and who really cares about a Balenciaga from 7 years ago, right? (Just kidding, I do.)

1. Burberry card wallet – holds business cards, coffee punch cards, library card, and my stash of Superman band aids.

2. Everlast timer – what if we bump into each other at the mall and you want to hammer out a couple tabata sets?

3. Hand sanitizer – gyms are gross.

4. Toiletry bag – Metamorphic makes the very best bags. Local, USA made and easily hosed out if you happen to leave an open package of M&Ms inside in your trunk, hypothetically speaking.

5. Armani face cream – these samples are perfect for satisfying my need to be fancy.

6. Mini pouch – the diamonds on my bands are tiny so replacing them are only about $25 each. However, the labor costs are somewhere around a bajillion dollars. I know this because I have lost enough stones to quit being so stubborn and just take the rings off before a workout.

7. Oakley Frogskins – super light and super 90s style. Crows feet are never in style, pals.

8. Glossier – this milky jelly cleanser is super trendy yes but also, super good for keeping my zits under wraps.

9. Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight – a 350 page BTS on the origins of NIKE. Spoiler alert: NIKE becomes a multi-billion dollar brand.

10. Coconut Balm Dot Calm – another Glossier product. I’m a sucker for good branding. Also good for emergency application of potential “friction spots”. More on this another time.

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