or sibling, neighbor, colleague… You get the idea. I also use the term “perk” loosely here. Today’s post title should probably read, “sometimes it sucks to be friends with Angie because she makes me work out on holiday.” 

Just last week, my friend Kev was rolling through town from Vancouver on the way to the GnR concert. “Maybe bring a pair of sneakers,” I told him, “I have this Brooks event but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be chill.” My girl Mindy was hosting an Olympics themed workout in partnership with Brooks at Gas Works Park. Look at how pretty this backdrop is, the literal definition of chill! 

Ummm, in hindsight, chill was probably the wrong word to describe the evening. ‘Sweaty’, maybe or ‘total body workout’ might be more accurate descriptors. I would even say ‘fun’ but I’m pretty sure our 25-year friendship is already on thin ice so let’s just say that it took a few adult beverages for this smile to return to Kev’s face. 

Run happy? 

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