Some dream of solving the world’s ocean crisis, others hope to leave a legacy of innovation, knowledge or creativity. My dreams are much, much simpler: make someone laugh every day, break down the mental barriers we have around trying things outside of our comfort zones, do one effing pistol squat… this kind of thing. Another simple goal I had when I started American Heavyweight was to connect us all to our community. Well, well, well, mission accomplished bitches, because I rounded out my MISS BISH Fitness Leaders series with a killer interview. Not only is this fitness powerhouse a former heptathlete at UW and endorsed by FLOTUS, she’s also from my neighborhood! I started following Kaisa Keranen on IG last year sometime, back when she only had a couple hundred likes a photo. And now? Well now she is finally being recognized for the fitness phenomenon that she is. Read more of my article on the lifestyle magazine MISS BISH.

Just to clarify, that’s Kaisa in the photo, not me. Just in case there was any confusion. K thanx.



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