When I set out to write a series on the Seattle fitness scene, I stumbled upon Cappy’s, a little gem of a boxing gym with a STRONG female presence. Lots of guys were kicking ass there too but the women in the room were confident, focused and the kind of crew I wanted to roll with. Fellow blogger and now collaborator, Obsessed by Portia, generously posted my full interview which describes how completely enthralled I became with the boxing program and coaches at Cappy’s. 

Here is an excerpt:

Coach Ann is a former competitive boxer and is now the co-Head Coach of their amateur boxing team. She was very open to speak about their boxing program and the impact of boxing in her life. However, over the duration of my conversation with her, I actually felt more intimidated, not less. Was it the fact that she has a knock-out (KO) record? I do not have a KO record. Unless you count the time I accidentally knocked out my friend Tom Rabey during a 12th grade game of California Kickball. I wouldn’t count that either, he was barely out for like a minute, tops…
For the complete interview including a full description of what a boxing conditioning class at Cappy’s looks like, click here. 

Obviously I’m interested in going back. Who’s with me? Pain medication and antacids are complementary in the change rooms!

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