and yet here I was, surrounded by people that (allegedly) loved me, one of which was taking the photo!

It’s been years and years since I’ve yoga’d with consistency which is probably why I’m in such a mess of imbalances. There’s a certain specificity that happens when you train. If you practice running, you tend to get good at running. I do a mix of weights and body-weight training, all done at high-intensity and short burst intervals. I’ve gotten good at those and can tell you exactly how many burpees I can do in :20. (hint: it’s not that many.) But on occasion, there’s a transferability in your skills. Take yesterday for example. After finishing a challenging outdoor high-intensity interval training session which involved sprints, mountain climbers and lunges with over head presses, our coach showed us what she was working on in her yoga practice. She elegantly moved in and out of the following pose, with grace and strength:

yoga 2

Feeling (falsely) confident after an invigorating workout, I figured I would try it! What could possibly go wrong? Um, have a look and you tell me.


Some highs and lows I’d like to reflect on:


  1. My right knee made it off the ground.
  2. I didn’t break my glasses.
  3. It was sunny.


  1. everything else.

Maybe all my pistol squats training will have some transferability to gracefully execute this pose? Stay tuned.


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