It’s no secret I love anything exclusive, limited edition or VIP. So I’m not embarrassed to say I dropped in on a new fitness class based purely on the name Elite Performance. I mean, I understand why I probably should be embarrassed but I’m not. So here I was, in a brand new space that is half clinical and have training, signed up for a class based purely on the cool name. You can tell immediately what kind of experience you will have based on your first introduction. Kristen Burrows checked me in and gave me a quick run-down of the class and framed my expectations. She told me what equipment we would use and the general format which meant I knew exactly what I was in for and got me ready for a killer workout. Here’s the space, with every piece of cool equipment you can think of, even that weird curved treadmill I see on Instagram which thankfully we did not use. 

We also used the sandbags that was equally exciting and disappointing. I mean, honestly, look at this pattern clashing. Leopard and camo? What is this, amateur hour?

Check out this perfect form on our instructor Kristen, badass former body builder.

We used TRX, the stretchy band thing that has crazy tension and looks about 1000 times harder than in the picture above, and of course the camo sandbags. It was a challenging, dynamic workout in a clean, open space. The hour passed super fast and my entire body felt totally zapped by the end. 

Did I feel more ‘elite’ after my workout? In a word: yup. I’ve already signed up for my next session. 


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