So we’ve established that the secret to eternal health and happiness it going commando in your workout clothes. Everyone agree? There’s no weird bunching and lots of good moisture wicking away from your zones. The one problem is that maybe, just maybe, your workout gear may start to stank a little? Just like… a tiny bit? Maybe? Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely NOT you. No no. It’s most definitely because your workout gear is doing its job and keeping the sweat off your skin. Unfortunately, halfway through down face dog, you might have maybe caught a whiff of some minor non-floral scents.
First of all, don’t panic. Definitely do not get up and walk out of class. That is panicking and taking things TOO FAR. You just need a hard reset. Think of it like a CTRL-ALT-DELETE for your workout clothing.
Here are the 7 steps to refreshing your workout wardrobe:

Step 1: Gather all your workout gear. Yes, even the clean stuff.

Step 2: Place it all together in your washing machine.

Step 3: Measure out half cup for half a load or a full cup for a full load of regular white vinegar. Yes. Vinegar. From the kitchen.

Step 4: Pour that into the compartment that holds the bleach.

Step 5: Run a regular cycle with COLD water.

Step 6: When that’s completed, run another regular wash with your regular workout detergent.

Step 7: Hang everything to dry.
There! You’re welcome. Now you can get back to sweating like a sinner in church without worrying you may start alienating your friends and family.

Check out my girl Katie who’s got a gorgeous post-workout glow and also happens to smell glorious!

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