When your week starts out with an embarrassing display of emotion at the sports medicine clinic, I’d say it could only go up from there? A little back story here… 2 years ago, while training for an obstacle course race, I slowly and systematically ruined my Achilles Tendon. I ignored it for a while because that’s the best way to solve problems. I finally sought some help after rest and Twix bars did nothing to help. Five months of physical therapy and I was finally pain free and feeling pretty good about myself. I resumed my training, worked hard to add a few pounds of muscle and had reconnected with my social network that I had found through fitness. But, because I have total FOMO and can’t say no when someone asks if I’m interested in working out, I was doing TOO MUCH. It wasn’t even that I was exercising too much, but maybe I was doing too much of the same thing. So my Achilles started talking to me, then yelling, then waking me at night to tell me how stupid I was to jump up and down for an hour on an already sore foot, for the 6th day in a row. Once it got to the point that each step was a little tiny bolt of lightening to my heel, I made an appointment back to see the same Sports Medicine doctor that had diagnosed me a year ago. So I was pretty worn down by this point having not slept through the night for several months. My foot was sore all the time. I was cranky. And maybe, just maybe, I was catastrophizing this injury just a little and worrying that I may never get better and I would have to live with this chronic, aggravating injury for the next SIXTY YEARS!!

This is when my doctor looked at me and pretty benignly asked me “how are you coping with your injury?”

Kind of a jerk move, don’t you think? Asking me how I’m doing? What did you expect to happen? That’s when the wheels came off completely. Luckily, as a seasoned professional that deals with much better athletes than myself facing much bigger problems, he was able to talk me down off the ledge, re-assure me that I will get better but that maybe I should pump the breaks on the high intensity workouts (HIIT) for a little while. Apparently, you’re only supposed to do these types of workouts twice a week? I laughed at him and asked if “by two he actually meant four?” Then  he made me hold up two fingers to remember that I can only do HIIT workouts twice a week. He also made me say the words: two HIIT workouts a week only. They feel great and are super effective but can really exacerbate underlying imbalances or injuries.


Begrudgingly, I made an appointment for another round of physiotherapy. I met my PT Phil who is not Canadian but does play a lot of hockey so I figured I could trust this person. Apparently, PT Phil and Sports Medicine Doctor compared notes because PT Phil also made me say the words out loud: two HIIT workouts a week only.

ugh. jerks all around, amiright?


Which brings us to today. I had maxed out my 3 HIIT workouts this week so I found myself at a hot hatha yoga class. I normally can’t handle hot yoga but I am headed to Palm Springs soon so I figured some acclimatizing was also in order. That’s what Oprah calls multi-taskin’. The verdict: I sweat A LOT. Not as much as some people in the room but this isn’t a competition.


And despite drinking throughout the entire class, I was still a little light headed leaving the class. Nothing a post-recovery fuel couldn’t solve.


The moral of this story? Your week can start out in shambles but still end with fireworks!

Have a happy and optimistic Memorial Weekend, pals!




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