What could be harder than running, jumping and pulling your fatigued, muddy body through a grueling 8 mile obstacle course designed to burn out every muscle in your body? Being the dedicated support person, of course! Due to an infuriatingly chronic Achilles injury, for the first time ever, I begrudgingly listened to my body and took on the role of support crew for a few of my adventurous workout buddies. Here they are at obstacle 1 of 29, looking so clean.


Do you know how hard it is to keep track of 5 athletes on a course where one mile could take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes? The mathematics of this is maddening. Based on the course design, if the first possible check-point is at mile 5, your first team member could arrive in an hour or sometime around the middle of next week. You can imagine how heavy a dSLR gets in your hand while you stand there, waiting patiently for your athletes to appear? You’re risking carpal tunnel syndrome with each passing minute! Your athletes are somewhere out there on the course, while you’re nervously sipping on an icy beer. Luckily you are hanging with a girlfriend, or otherwise, imagine how positively bored you would be! To make matters worse, you start over-hearing patchy reports that there has been an injury out on the course that requires an evacuation. What if that’s one of your athletes? How badly is this person hurt? Is this what is causing the delay? Most importantly, does this mean you have enough time to get tacos or will you miss your athletes getting through the check-point you’ve been waiting at for over an hour? The struggle was real during Saturday’s Spartan Super obstacle course race. The intense challenges I faced, (I’m pretty sure I got some mud on my left sneaker), made me appreciate those that had come out to support me in the past (I’m looking at you, Culver).

Congratulations Mindy, Richard, Katie, Steph and Tam, for taking on the challenge of this brutal event. And really, the biggest congratulations of all go out to my fellow support crew member, Emily. Were you as exhausted as I was afterward? In hindsight, we should have hydrated with that second brewskie. Sigh, rookie mistake.

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Now who’s with me for the Portland Sprint?!

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