Here’s a photo of me and some of the women I regularly workout with, all wearing the same compression tights, after a very sweaty hour of high intensity intervals. One (me) isn’t wearing underwear, the other three are wrong. 

Wrong? For wearing underwear? Seems a bit aggressive to take a stand on underwear. When I get texts like this, from a girlfriend who lives in another state, it’s time to speak out.  

Did I mentioned we ‘persperate’ a lot? (Ha!) One of my pals, whom I affectionately call Vegas (if the shoe fits!), sweats like a sinner in church. This is not an exaggeration. Once, I accidentally picked up her towel halfway through a workout and thought she had mopped up a spill. But I digress. This has sparked a very important discussion on crotch sweat. Most women I sweat with (allegedly) wear some sort of underwear product. I, on the other hand, do not. Why would you drop serious cash on workout gear made with the latest moisture-wicking, anti-stink technology, and then completely negate its benefits by putting a layer of fabric between your skin and the technical fabric? Seriously, why? 

But it’s a thong! And it’s made with technical fiber! Cool. That’s maybe ok for a low friction class like yoga or tai chi but probably not in a class of 50 people generating heat and sweat in a low air flow environment. 

 Also, think about the word I just used: friction. A thong creates a hot, sweaty super highway for germs and bacteria to travel from back to front, leading to infections and worst of all, stink. 

Don’t trust my word? How about from Sandra Lee, MD, a board certified dermatologist: 
Bacterial infections? Contact dermatitis? Irritated hemorrhoids? (Wait, WHAT?) I think I’ve made my case. Ditch the underwear, pals. Give it a try and then either shout at me for being a total weirdo or thank me for totally changing your life. But please, don’t confuse going commando with Donald Ducking. That is not something I can take responsibility for. 


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