It’s Spring, guys. Here on the Wet Coast it means longer, drier days that makes for some built-in motivation for a little more movement and a little less Netflixing. So you’ve got some motivation and you’ve carved out some time and you’re ready to up your fitness game. Now what? Where do you begin? There are so many options for fitness and the last thing you want to do is commit to something uninspiring, wasting your precious time and money. Lucky for you, I’ve created a Highly Scientific Method to discover the fitness activities to bring you perfect health and happiness.

To test this model, we are going to use this photo of me from 1987, affectionately titled, The 5th Wheel:

angie fifth

Highly Scientific Fitness and Joy Finding Method involves answering 3 questions honestly:

QUESTION 1: What did my younger self love doing?

Stop and think about your younger self, all long limbs and bad haircut. What was your very favorite thing to do? Did you love swimming, rowing, soccer, running, competitive eating? Maybe your very favorite thing to do was read books. I loved basketball, listening to music and according to The 5th Wheel photo, jetskiing at the lake. (don’t judge me, it was the 80s).

QUESTION 2: What was it ABOUT that activity I loved?

Did you love being part of a team or the meditative aspect of solo activities? Was it relaxing having a coach tell you what to do or did you prefer open activities that allowed you the freedom to explore your ‘hood without timing and set counts? I loved team play, high intensity, fast paced and anything that involved noise and danger. Clearly, I was dopamine-driven (which is an article for another day).

QUESTION 3: How can I find something to replicate this today?

If you love solo sports but also want to take the guesswork out of your fitness plan, maybe an online subscription to Daily Burn will work for you? Do you miss being part of a team? See if there is an amateur tennis club or adult soccer league that you can join? I find that slamming heavy sandbells, jumping up on super high boxes and whipping battleropes in a group class gives me the rush of dopamine that my brain craves and also, the community I am missing from my team sport days. Try going for a run on your own, or joining a run club. Maybe one that always ends their runs at a coffee shop or watering hole to give you some social time. Meditative yoga, cycle clubs or dance classes for adult beginners… there are so many choices.

I challenge you to find something this Spring that brings you joy. It’s the golden ticket to everlasting health and happiness. Trust me, it’s science!


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