When your morning’s playground posse includes a former rower with the #1 program in the country and a competitive sailor, among other elite accomplishments, you know the workout is going to be a different kind of Saturday’s workout. My rower girlfriend suggested a morning playground meetup for our kids and since we were there, maybe a workout too? Sigh. I felt that familiar blend of dread and excitement; knowing I would feel so much better after it was done as is usually the case, but feeling tired and lethargic from a big fitness week. But I put my cosy toque on and hauled myself down to the foggy, lakeside playground.

We alternated between squats, lunges, push ups and tricep dips while ‘sprinting’ up a long slope. I use the term sprinting loosely – it was cold and foggy and our hamstrings had other ideas about what a sprint looked like this morning. My favourite trainer, Mindy, often very kindly reminds us, sometimes not everything is accessible to you every day. This morning it appeared my hamstrings were on sabbatical.

Despite the cold and the non-responsive hamstrings, it felt GREAT to start the day with movement and energy. Sometimes there’s no great epiphany or monumental breakthrough. Just a good sweat session among people you love. Happy Saturday, playground posse.


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