This past weekend I partied at 3 different holiday events. That’s a LOT of chili and cheer. I also may or may not have eaten 9 latkes last night at Tra’s house while we lit the menorah. This is just the beginning! I have two more Christmas celebrations to go before ACTUAL Christmas at the Outlaw’s house where food takes a delicious center stage. We are talking 5 straight days of savory and sweet creations that always leave me feeling like I’m being hugged, gastronomically speaking. Beginning with our double Thanksgiving dinners and (hopefully) ending with New Year celebrations, that’s 864 consecutive hours of eating, give or take.

The logical next step in this discussion is survival. How to survive this marathon without emerging in January sluggish, depressed and a shadow of our former selves?

Here are my 3 tips to surviving the holidays while eating your weight in shortbread:

SURVIVAL TIP #1: PUMP THE BRAKES – Maybe you want to try every single cookie that your sister baked using the pumpkin spice chips you shipped her overnight international priority post? Maybe you want to eat 9 latkes in one sitting? Fine. That’s ok. Guess what – you’re not going to die if that’s a one shot deal. But why not try pumping the brakes a little. Maybe try only one bite of each cookie. Or have a sensible high fiber lunch if you know latkes are on the docket at dinner. Make smart choices. By not cutting yourself off completely, you can still enjoy your night without (much) guilt.

SURVIVAL TIP #2: DRINK WATER – Drink all the water you can get your hands on. Onto tip #3…

SURVIVAL TIP #3.DON’T SKIP A WORKOUT – I get it. It’s a busy time and you don’t necessarily want to get up for an hour of kickboxing after being out all night in 4” heels or trying every single puff pastry wrapped delight. Just GO. Get up, get your gear and get there. You will feel 100% better than if you skipped it. Trust me, I’m a scientist. An added benefit is if you throw up in the corner of the gym, people will think it’s because you’re super hardcore. Think of the street cred!

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Because of my trusty Survival Tips, I still allow myself to enjoy delicious treats without feeling bad. I love this time of year for getting together with family and friends. Instead of trying to willpower my way through every holiday party, I’m going to survive AND have a jolly ol’ time.

Oh, and my kryptonite is shortbread.

What’s your kryptonite?

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