Contrary to what the Internets will try to tell you or sell you, transformation takes time. Real change takes place slowly and incrementally, sometimes imperceptibly. Well…. except in those rare occasions when transformation happens in an instance. Do you have one of those moments? Where you can point to a singular event and say “There. That moment changed my DNA. I was a different person before that moment than I am now.”

I do. And by a stroke of pure luck, I have a photo too. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

In the two hours preceding the Moment, I had been running in ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’. Designed by British Special Forces to test the toughest of the tough, Tough Mudder Seattle clocked in at a grueling 11 miles with 29 obstacles. The week of heavy rain made even the non-obstacles, obstacles. Up until that point, I was tired and sore and hungry but not particularly challenged or concerned that I wouldn’t finish the event. I was in pretty good shape, having trained seriously for a few months so I knew I was physically strong enough to finish.

Walk the Plank was the obstacle that almost broke me. It didn’t require any strength or stamina but mentally, jumping off that 10 foot plank into freezing, muddy water was psychologically debilitating. I stood at the top of this diving board, freaking the fuck out. The jump from a height into cold darkness was seemingly too much for me. Amidst the rapid, shallow breaths, I knew this was going to be my Moment. I took a deep breath, plugged my nose and stepped towards my fear.


You know what happened? I didn’t die. I was cold and wet and maybe I was crying a little bit don’t judge, but I didn’t die. Instead, I have a Moment that I can use as a threshold for the scary shit that has happened since that time. It further reinforced my belief in the transformative power of pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits.

Transformation Tuesday isn’t just about bigger biceps.




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