I’ve been working out with a group of women for a few months now. They are all mothers of young children with a history of high level athletics (softball, rowing, basketball and running), that have lost their former athleticism among the physical demands of pregnancy and early childhood parenting. I think back to the changes in my own body, gaining and losing over 100 pounds in 3 years was physically and psychologically debilitating at times. I had no idea what I looked like, which wasn’t so bad as the feeling of disconnect I had between how I used to feel in my body and my present self.

I felt clumsy, narrow and so tired ALL THE TIME.

But then you get out of the immediate crisis-mode of those first years and you’re ready to get back.

So I rounded up a posse of women I sort of knew because we continued to bump into each other at school drop offs and the aquarium and the same coffee shop multiple times each day. We’ve been doing as many tabata sets as we can until we either pass out, fall over, or one of our kids hits another’s with a Plan Toy. Those wooden tractors are no joke.

2015.11 plank aerhl

And it’s working.

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